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Hi, I'm DRE Inc! I'm a civil engineer who is passionate about simplifying the Stock Market. My goal is to make long-term investing feel more accessible so that we can all get this bag!

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Empowering the average person to build wealth

Dre Inc. simplifies the path to financial growth by highlighting invesment opportunities, offering expertise based on lived experience and access to digestible resources.

I went from $0 to growing my investment account to over $50k in less than two years. My goal is to provide accessible tools to help people of all ages make informed investment decisions.

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My courses offer step-by-step guidance and a simplified approach to making investing accessible to beginners, equipping them with the knowledge to navigate the stock market confidently!

With membership programs offering exclusive content and ongoing support, you'll have the resources you need to build wealth!

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Kind Words From Our Clients

"As a new investor, I have been extremely grateful for Andre's expertise and guidance. Through his classes and materials, I have been able to learn the basics of investing and developed my own investment strategy. I highly recommend Andre's services to anyone looking to strengthen strengthen their knowledge of the stock market and learn more about investing"

-Ruth M.

"Andre is very knowledgeable when it comes to self-directed investing, so when I wanted to learn more about the direction I should take it was a no brainer to request a consultation from him. He made sure to provide tailored advice based on my prior investment knowledge, goals, and risk tolerance.

He was able to provide some recommendations, and explained why he believed them to be a good fit based on what I would like to achieve. He took his time and answered all questions I had, and even followed up with additional tools and resources. Thank you Andre, I look forward to continuing to learn from you"

Kristen R.


"Big shout out to my brother, Andre, for stepping up to the stocks kitchen and dishing out plates of knowledge, regarding the stock market and investments.

Thank you for putting me on 3 key stocks that are booming at the moment, especially TQQQ. I bought it right away after attending your class, now it's up 30% from when it was purchased! Respect."

- Carnel L.

"Andre is a very dedicated person. He made sure I understood everything he was saying. Informed me on investments I should participate in based on what I’m looking. As well as investments to keep my eyes on in the future. I truly appreciate him and all his knowledge on a subject I’m not too familiar in.

Thank you Andre & I look forward to keeping in touch in the further."

-Gladys M.

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